Friday, March 12, 2010

Thrift Shopping

Yesterday I went thrift shopping for the first time in months.... maybe 5 or 6 months. After yard sales die down around the beginning of winter I kind of quit hitting the stores too. After all, there is nothing we need so I may as well just save money and not go at all.

But yesterday I was dropping off two bags at Fifi's (a secondhand store that buys your stuff from you to sell) and six bags at the Coalition** and so I felt like I should treat myself and go into the Coalition to see what I could find. And I splurged!

Puzzle - $0.50
Book for me (x1) - $0.10
Books for Brianna (x2) - $0.10

Total spent - $0.86

I was happy with my purchases anyway. I thought I should post it here instead of my personal blog because it's about being frugal. We love puzzles and this is proof that you can buy cheap fun!! Also, I'd much rather pay 10 cents for a book for one of us than full price - or even half price!! Not as cheap as the library but I don't have to worry if Bri rips a page. :)

**The Coalition is a local organization. The Coalition supports local families in certain ways such as helping with utilities, transportation, prescriptions, housing, clothing, and even emergency financing at times. They are non-profit and every cent you spend at the shops goes to the clients. There are four stores at one location - 1117 W Pennsylvania Ave in Southern Pines - a clothing store that is somewhat more expensive (starting at $1.00), a clothing store where everything is 50 cents, a furniture shop, and the bargain store (prices starting at 10 cents). I definitely recommend shopping there. Go to the website for more information and store hours!

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jessica said...

Thanks for the info on the Coalition. I had heard so much about it but didn't know if I qualified to go since I don't use any public assistance or anything. So thank you! BTW I love your frugal blog!