Sunday, May 2, 2010

Harris Teeter (triples)

Reynolds wrap aluminum foil - Free

Betty Crocker cookie mix
- $1.19

Betty Crocker frosting and cake mix - $0.36

Reese's cups - Free

Brawny paper towels
(x2) - Free

Beech Nut mini meals

RP $1.39. Minus $0.50 coupon. FP - Free

Mentos gum
(x3) - Free

Harris Teeter baby carrots
(1 lb)
RP $1.99. SP (e-VIC)/FP - $0.99

Green Giant veggies - Free

Sargento shredded cheese
(x2) - Free

Breyers YoCrunch yogurt
(x2) - Free

Shamrock milk

RP $1.25. Minus $0.50 coupon. FP - Free

Oscar Mayer turkey bacon - $0.25

Final shopping total - $41.31
OOP - $3.61
Saved - $37.70 (about 91%)

And yes, I did return the bacon from yesterday and got a refund!!

1 comment:

Jennifer Kirby said...

I used a $.55 Hersey Bliss coupon on a 4.4-ounce regular Hershey bar (found in the candy aisle) and it didn't beep. RP $1.39 = free

Also I used a $.75 McCormick Perfect Pinch coupon on a regular spice and it didn't beep, or if it did my cashier rang it through. I needed celery seed so I used it on that, but there are lots of cheaper ones that would only be a few cents after the coupon triples.