Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I used to never shop online. Then I went through a long phase where I shopped a ton online. My bank account hurt so much after that phase that I totally banned myself from online shopping. Since I have become more financially conscious, though, I have recently gone online again. Mainly because I found a great website, Ebates, where you can receive money back from over 1,000 stores when you shop online.

Ebates is so easy to use. You go to the Ebates website, click on the store you are interested in shopping at, you will be transferred to that store, and you do your shopping as usual. Then your cash back appears in your Ebates account!

I used it a couple of months ago just when Stephen needed new boxers. I found them through Ebates at Kmart and after the sale price that Kmart had them marked down to minus the cash I got back from Ebates, they were like $2 per pair, plus it saved me from having to go to Walmart.

Stephen gets a lot of stuff from GNC for his workouts. GNC offers 10% cash back if you shop through Ebates! Definitely worth it for us since he's going to be buying the products anyway.

Then he decided he needed new running shoes. His last pair was from about three or more years ago. Since he's really wearing them now to run consistently and work out consistently, he really needs and deserves a good pair. I got an email today saying that JCPenney was having a 15% off all items sale until 4pm this afternoon, so I shot him the JCPenney website over email. He picked out the shoes he liked and I ordered them through Ebates. His $55 shoes were on sale for $39.99. I used the 15% sale code from my email, so with tax and all they will be $36.62. But then I will also get back 3% just for shopping through Ebates! That's only like $1, but it's still one more dollar than we would have not shopping through Ebates.

You can cash out when you reach just $5 so for lots of you, you might hit that mark really soon!!

Let me know if you use Ebates already or if you're going to check it out!

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