Monday, June 20, 2011

Lowes Foods

This is called "Shopping the Clearance Items!" I just needed some bananas and I was right by Lowes, so I decided to check out their lovely produce, meat, bakery and other marked-down sections. They do the best markdowns!! *No coupons necessary!*

Bananas ($0.55/lb wyb bag) - $1.40

Hawaiian honey wheat rolls
(12) - $1.50 (bakery markdown)

Land O Frost turkey - $0.75

Hidden Valley salad kit
- $1.40 (on markdown from $2.80)

Organic apples ($1.89/lb) - $1.53

Final OOP - $6.71

So, my final OOP doesn't show how much I saved. I saved $0.14/lb on the bananas by buying a whole bag, which comes to $0.38. I saved $2.19 by buying the Hawaiian Rolls on sale. I saved $1.40 on the salad kit. So altogether, I saved about $3.97 without even using coupons. Ah, the joy of clearance items!

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