Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Save Money on Health & Fitness

Continuation of how to save money without using coupons...

  • Buy generics! Most are just as effective as name-brand drugs for many conditions. Also shop for store-brand OTC medications. They have the same active ingredients as the big-name brands but can save you around 70%. I know Stephen swears that "Wal-Zyr" (the Walgreens allergy medication) worked better for him than Claritin!
  • Get the best deals on prescription drugs. Many stores charge just $4 for a month's supply of many generics. Other discount drugs programs (Walgreens, mail-order services, etc) will also be cheaper. Shop around for 90-day prescriptions which will slash your costs and cut your co-pay by a lot.
  • Shopping at Walmart or Target can save you an average of 20% over drugstore prices. But, Rite Aid and Walgreens tend to have rebates and rewards where you can get many of your medicines for free or incredibly cheap if you stock up at the right time.
  • Get free fitness and nutrition advice. There are lots of websites like Daily Burn, EatRight, and Log Your Run which are free. There are also many free apps for your smart phone, which I don't know about since I don't have a smartphone. Hah!
Any other tips?

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