Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dumpster Diving

Okay, serious discussion time. What is the best thing you have ever gotten from dumpster diving?

I have told about many of my explorations here, but I have had a few great finds lately. One thing - I found an entire season of M*A*S*H on VHS that I was able to give to my parents! I guess someone tossed their VCR and needed to get rid of these tapes. Score! I have found bowls that I turned into planters, MyCokeReward points, coupons, magazines, etc etc! But look at this load I hauled off a few days ago:

Oh yeah, that's right. 75 Southern Living magazines. HAHAHA!! Isn't that insane!? There were more but this filled up my trunk! I love the recipes in Southern Living but I wonder how many years it will take me to read all these...

But then the other day I also found these:

Tons of packets of leftover VBS and Sunday School material!! I snagged it without looking at it but it's all stuff for preschoolers! I am still going through it but there are tons of games and crafts that Brianna and I are going to be able to do together! I am so excited about this!

So really, what kind of stuff do you nab at the dumpster?

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