Saturday, October 8, 2011

Walgreens 75% Off

Walgreens has tons of their summer stuff on sale. I hadn't been in there since August - our Aberdeen Walgreens has totally rearranged everything! I am so lost in there now! Thank goodness my faithful cashier Sarah was still there. I'd be really lost without her! Anyway, go check out the clearance aisles - there are some great things still out!

Sunglasses for Bri - $1.47

Goggles for Bri for next summer - $0.97

Beach balls for both kids - $0.49

Cepacol lozenges

RP $4.99. SP $2.99. Minus $3.00 RR. FP - Free

Final OOP - $6.96
Received $3.00 in RR.

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