Friday, January 6, 2012

Make Your Own

Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board!

I plan our weekly menus every weekend. I used to put the menu on a calendar on the refrigerator. That worked, but when I saw this idea for a dry-erase schedule, I loved it! I mean, how cute is this!?!?

The girl at that website kind of had a step-up on me. I mean, she had bought this really pretty picture frame for $7.00, she had scrapbook paper on hand, and she had these really cute scrapbooking letters that she made with her Silhouette. Which, by the way, I will never be able to afford.

So I got creative and cheap!

Picture frame - $2.00 from Dollar General.
Backing paper - A sheet of copy paper from my printer.
Scrapbooking letters - $0.20 from the post-Halloween sale.


You can't really tell - this is an awful picture - but I LOVE our new menu board!! I think it is so quirky and cute! I hot-glued little magnets on the back of the frame so it will stick to our refrigerator. I really need a good picture of this but it's so hard to take a good picture of glass frames...

Anyway, I love this idea! I would also love to know if you meal plan, do you put it up anywhere in your house for everyone to see?

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Ken Loyd said...

Love your creativity. My meal plan is don't miss any. Try the manner/museum non-flash setting on your camera to get rid of that glare.