Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Staples Rewards

If you have a Staples near you and aren't a member of Staples Rewards, I do recommend that you join. I rarely shop at Staples but every so often they have unbeatable deals. Just buying printer ink will earn you rewards, but they have other promotions that will allow you to earn rewards as well.

I just got notice that I had $6.00 in rewards that were about to expire. This is basically six free dollars, so I did want to spend it before it expired.

The first thing I did was hop onto the Ebates website. This way, I could click on the Staples website from the Ebates website which means I will get 2% cash back from my order.

I wanted to do this quickly, so I just ordered some envelopes (letter and bubble) which I always need.

Voila! My shipping cost was free because I am having it shipped to our local store instead of our house. Then, my order of $6.76 was brought down to $0.76 thanks to my rewards money. Plus I'll get 2% cash back (pretty sure that's like 2 cents, but it's still something! Haha!)

I do encourage you to join all rewards programs you even think you might one day use. It can really lower your out of pocket expenses in some cases.

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