Thursday, March 15, 2012

Does Your Store’s Ground Beef Contain Pink Slime?

Has anyone else seen these crazy pictures going around the Internet? Pink slime being put in the meat you buy at the grocery store?

Information from several sources like the New York Times and ABC News have been talking about it. Go to those links to really read up about it, but the basic gist is this - pink slime results from grinding together connective tissue and beef scraps which is used to make dog food. The grindings are treated with ammonia which should kill things like salmonella. It is estimated that up to 70% of the nation’s grocery stores’ ground beef contains pink slime.

So the question is - are you buying meat with pink slime in it? Here is a really comprehensive list that I found of grocery stores and their statements regarding meat with pink slime.

Does your store carry ground beef with pink slime in it?

For those of us in Moore County:

Food Lion - does not add lean finely textured beef (LFTB) to the ground beef we produce in stores.

Harris Teeter – does not use pink slime
Thank you for your email. Our suppliers do not use pink slime in any of our Harris Teeter brands of ground beef. This includes our Harris Teeter Naturals, Rancher and Angus ground beef.
Harris Teeter Customer Relations 

Walmart – declines to respond

I know all of our ground beef comes from a local butcher, Noble Meat Market, and I'm sure they don't add this stuff to their meat.

What does everyone think about this?

Thanks, Coupon Deals and More for the list!

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Sweet Tea Mama said...

Weird, I posted a comment, but it didn't post. I stopped buying meat at Walmart years ago when the ground beef listed its origin as 3 different foreign countries. I usually buy all our meat at Harris Teeter. I also buy chicken and sometimes eggs from Chris Umland of Happy Tails farm. Thanks for the info about the meat market. My mom used to buy most of our meat from a butcher growing up.