Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frugal Kids Craft - Countdown Paper Chain

Our kids have one set of grandparents that don't live here locally, so when we get to have visits with them it's a really big deal!

Oma (Stephen's mom), JuJu (Stephen's sister), and Seth (JuJu's boyfriend) just came for a visit last week but it won't be long before they are here again!! I thought it would be fun for me to make an old-school countdown paper chain with Brianna to count down the days until we see them again!

I got the idea from here.

You will need:
  • Paper (I use construction paper)
  • Stapler

First, I broke out the calendar. I circled today's date and then the date that Oma is returning to North Carolina. Brianna counted the days from now until then.

We cut out strips of purple and red construction paper, which she picked out.

I made the links into the circles but she can staple by herself (when my stapler isn't acting up!) so feel free to let your child do as much as possible with this simple craft.

When it was done, I numbered each link. I made a little sign that says "Days Until We See Oma" and stapled it to the first link. We hung it up where a certain little boy won't snatch it down. Although it took about 30 seconds before he started throwing the beach ball at it!!

 I know this is super simple but there is always something to look forward to - why not make a game of it!

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