Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shopping Plan Through 11/27/12

I got a little off-kilter with Thanksgiving because we really didn't need a lot of groceries. So I didn't even make my plan until Sunday the 25th. It was still a plan, though, and still worked, so that's all that matters! I made one trip to the grocery store this past week.

Harris Teeter

Ketchup - $1.47 (I was planning on buying Hunt's ketchup with a coupon but this brand was a better value for the size and only $0.12 more expensive)

HT pepperoni pizza - $1.97, purchased 2 (as planned, these were on sale and are much bigger than the Totino's we usually buy, for just a few cents more!)

Birds Eye broccoli - $0.70 each, purchased 2 (as planned, used a $0.50/2 coupon)

Mrs. Filbert butter sticks - $0.97 (not planned but I really needed this item)

HT milk - $2.77 for a gallon (as planned)

Blistex lip balm - $0.40 (as planned, used a $0.55 coupon)

Final shopping total - $20.36
OOP - $11.23
Saved - $9.13 (about 45%)

Final Update:

This is great. This week I spent just $11.23 on groceries. Our grocery bill for the month is just at $105 now and we're in the home stretch!!

I should have my plan for this week up soon. Gotta get several things that don't have coupons so this might be a bigger spending week than the others.

How was your spending week?

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