Thursday, January 17, 2013

Harris Teeter

This is a shopping trip from a few days ago, but I still want to blog it - just goes to show how stores "hide" savings from you sometimes!!

2013-01-15 14.42.18

Fleischmann's bread
RP $3.19. SP $2.50. Minus $0.75 coupon. FP - $1.00

Haribo gummy bears (x2)
RP $1.49. SP $1.25. Minus $0.30 coupon. FP - $0.65 each

Crystal Light
RP $3.15. SP $1.57. Will receive $1.00 in my Ibotta account for purchasing these. FP - $0.57

Old El Paso deal
Bought 2 dinner kits, 3 packs of tortillas, and 1 jar of taco sauce. They were all on sale, and then I used a $0.60/3 coupon and then I received $4.00 off my order automatically for buying $10 worth. Final price - $0.80 per item

Campbells natural soups (x2)
RP $2.79. SP $2.00. Minus $0.75/2 coupon. FP - $1.25 each

Fruit cocktail (x2) - $1.00 each

Mazola cooking spray
RP $2.59. SP $1.99. Minus $0.55 coupon. FP - $0.89

Totinos (x5)
RP $1.67. SP $1.25. Minus $1.00/5 coupon. FP - $1.05 each

Pillsbury cookie dough
RP $3.29. FREE when you buy 5 Totinos pizzas.

Ester C
RP $9.19. SP $4.59. Minus $2.00 coupon. Minus $2.00 HT e-coupon. FP - $0.59

25 pounds of chicken
Used a raincheck for Buy 2, Get 3 Free. Final price - $1.28 per pound

Final shopping total - $105.66
OOP - $42.26
Saved - $63.40 (about 60%)
Will receive $1.00 in my Ibotta account.

I was going to buy taco stuff because I had the $60/3 coupon for Old El Paso and we hadn't had tacos in a while. Then I saw on just a couple of the OEP items there was a sign saying, "Buy $10 worth of SELECT products, get $4.00 off your order automatically." Well... which products are the select products??? There was absolutely no list or any way to tell. So I went on the HT website to find out. The promotion was listed on the website, easy to spot and I found my answer very quickly, but while I was searching for that - lo and behold, there was also a promotion going on - Buy 5 Totino's pizzas, get a roll of Pillsbury cookie dough FREE! Whaaaat? I already had 5 Totino's pizzas in my shopping cart, so I qualified for this deal! But it wasn't ANYWHERE in the shopping ad, and was certainly not advertised with the Totino's pizzas. If I had never gone to the website I never would have known I qualified for a free roll of cookie dough. Craziness. Lesson learned - check your store websites OFTEN! Be knowledgeable! And get all the free goodies you can! :)  

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