Thursday, April 18, 2013

Regular Shopping Trips 4/10 - 4/16

I don't post a lot of my "regular" shopping trips on here. I used to, but I never know if it's helpful or if it bores people. But in a way it kind of holds me accountable to what I'm purchasing, even though it all goes onto my spreadsheet, so I'm going to try this for the month of April. Every week I'm going to post my "everyday" trips to the stores to show you what I'm buying. I'm trying really hard to pay attention to our purchases this month to see where we can improve. This also means for the month of April I'm going to try to get back into the drugstore game a little bit. I used to be huge into Rite Aid and Walgreens, but not for about six months.

Walgreens - 4/15
SleepRight nasal aid - On sale for $7.00. Used a $1.00 coupon. Get back $7.00 in Register Rewards.

Used a $1.00 RR from a previous trip.

Paid out of pocket - $5.34 (Saved 48%) (Received $7.00 in RR)

Lowes Foods - 4/16
Orange juice - Marked down to $1.35.
Green Giant veggie chips - On sale for $2.00. Used a $0.50 coupon. Will receive $0.50 in my Savingstar account.
Salad mix - Marked down to $1.00
Roma tomato - $0.48

Minus $0.05 for using my own bag.

Paid out of pocket - $3.93 (Saved 53%) ($0.50 will be deposited into my Savingstar account)  

Walgreens - 4/16
Morton Epson salt - On sale for $4.00. Get back $4.00 in RR.
Allergease - On sale for $4.00. Get back $4.00 in RR.
7UP 10 2 liter - On sale for $1.00. Get back $1.00 in RR.

Used a $7.00 RR from last trip.

Paid out of pocket - $2.61 (Saved 82%) 

Walmart - 4/16
Parsley - $1.16
Lemon juice - $0.88
Minced onions - $1.88
Basil - $2.18
Apples - $3.61 ($1.67/lb)
Powdered sugar - $1.58
Pineapple - $2.88
Flour - $1.78

Paid out of pocket - $15.95

Dollar Tree - 4/16
Poptarts - $1.00
Granola bars - $1.00
Pretzels - $1.00
Raisins - $1.00

Paid out of pocket - $4.08 

My total spent this week was just over $23, and I only saved about 16%, but I'm okay with that. It's because I did the big shopping trip at Walmart, and did the shopping trip at Dollar Tree with no coupons. But I still feel like I stayed way under budget so I'm happy.

How did you do this week?? 

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